Preparing the Body and Mind for War Workshop 1: Health, Technology and Combat Readiness

Free, Registration required

Preparing the body and mind for war in the ancient and modern armed forces project is a collaboration between the School of Humanities, University of Bristol, and King’s Centre for Military Health Research, King’s College London. This collaborative project investigates and rethinks military health and wellbeing through innovative comparison between ancient Mediterranean and twenty-first century military cultures.

The project is holding its first workshop focused on technology - 'Health, technology and combat readiness', held online on Friday, 8th March. 

Join the online workshop and discuss the role played by technology in working towards ‘combat readiness’, in the ancient and modern worlds.

Potential topics for discussion include:

  • How is technology used to sustain good health in soldiers, in ancient and modern contexts?
  • How has the use of technology in relation to military health changed through time?
  • In what ways can technology help or hinder preparation for combat?
  • What are the problems associated with technology use in military contexts?

The workshop is open to representatives from all sectors-academia, research, healthcare, social services, Armed Forces, or anyone with an interest in military health and wellbeing - in the ancient and/or modern worlds.

The event will be led by Dr Hannah-Marie Chidwick (University of Bristol) and Dr Daniel Leightley (King's College London).

Register for free here and find out more about the project here, or contact Dr Hannah-Marie Chidwick at [email protected]

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