Centre for Military Women's Research Conference: Sexual Violence in the Military – An International Perspective.

Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge Campus

The Centre for Military Women’s Research at Anglia Ruskin University is delivering its inaugural Conference on the 13th & 14th December 2023 themed around “Sexual Violence in the Military – An International Perspective”. 

The first day of the conference includes sessions on military culture and keynote speakers like Dr Sanela Dursun (Chair of the NATO research group on sexual violence in the military) and Kate Davies CBE (Director of Health and Justice, Armed Forces and Sexual Assault Services Commissioning at NHS England). Panel discussions will be held covering both the ex-Service and in-Service military populations in the UK and internationally, followed by networking and drinks reception.

During the second day, delegates will have the choice of attending four workshops on topics such as sexual violence in the NHS, Salute Her and Forward Assist on how to work with women veterans, Dr Stacey Silins discussing researching sexual violence in the military, and a panel discussion from NATO on Sexual Violence in the military.

A final plenary session led by Prof Daniel Perkins from Penn State University, USA, will close the conference. 

Registration for the event is now open.

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