SCiP Alliance Annual Conference: Identity Matters

The Studio, Birmingham, United Kingdom

The Service's Children Progression Alliance are delivering their Annual Conference themed around "Identity Matters" on Wednesday 29th November 2023 in Birmingham. 

The conference aims to connect professionals with evidence and with each other to support Service children. Attendees will include representatives from various sectors, such as practitioners, researchers, policymakers, and funders. They will share expertise to explore why identity matters, broaden the understanding of the diverse expressions of what it means to be a Service child, and focus on how to help Service childen thrive by considering the importance of identity.

The conference's programme will include a panel discuission, workshops, networking opportunities, and key speakers such as Rt Hon Dr Andrew Murrison MP (Minister for Defence People, Veterans and Service Families) and Philip Dent (Director of Service Children's Progression Alliance).

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